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Makalu Expedition

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Makalu Expedition

Although having mapped by the British reconnaissance in 1921 Mt. Makalu remained unscaled until 1955 when it was successfully climbed by the French after various attempts by the French themselves, British and the Japanese from different routes. It is a known fact amongst mountaineers and adventurers that Makalu is the fifth highest peak at 8485 meters with its pyramid like structure stretching only a few miles along the mountain line of the Khumbu region from Mount Everest. The Khumbu mountain terrain stretches with Makalu in its beautiful and impressive presence harboring two of the most diverse and distinct valleys, Arun and Barun, each offering a unique blend of natural diversity, flora and fauna, cultural and religious heritage not just of Nepal but the world as a whole. These valleys, home of the Rai, Sherpa and Shingsawa also known as Bhotias, dwell in this mountainous home completely undeterred by the influence of technological and mechanical revolution of the rest of the world. The journey through these valley with their dense Rhododendron forest, unique flora and fauna, the alpine spoils and its seclusion will provide a taste of a medieval enchantment bewitching not just the mind, but also the soul. Hoever, this seclusion has made this tale unheard of, but whoever takes on this adventure, after having done with it, will take more than just memories and an experience of a lifetime. The widely adopted route to scale this mountain are through the South west peak and along the Southwest ridge however other routes like west ridge, west face, south face, southwest face and northwest buttress are also found used. The climb is mostly straightforward, easy and moderately technical and requires fixed rope setup if accessed through the SouthEast Ridge. The climb generally consists of 3 camps. The first one of course at the base camp at 5500 meters. The first camp is set up at 6500 meters, the second at 7300 meters and the last one at the bottom of the Southwest Ridge at 7900 meters. The climb through these camps varies from glacial crossings to steep snow fields demanding sound knowledge of the basic alpine climbing techniques, although expedition style techniques are being widely entertained these days.Ropes are generally fixed from 5800 meters to 7900 meters.

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Trip Fact

  •   Destination:Nepal
  •   Duration: 45 Day(s)
  •   Price: $
  • Maximum Height: 8485m

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