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Trekking in Nepal:

Never trek alone. Use a reputable agency, remain on established routes, and walk with at least one other person.

Altitude sickness  is a risk, including on the Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and Everest Base Camp treks.

Accidents happen due to insufficient information, inappropriate equipment or overestimation of your own capabilities. Follow the advice given by local authorities and guides. Ignoring such advice could put yourselves and other mountain users in danger.

The following hazards exist throughout the year, especially above 3,000m: - sudden weather changes - avalanches and snow drifts - landslides and flooding - glacial crevasses and hollows - rockfall - thunder storms and lightning - altitude sickness - sun exposure

You should:

    make sure you’re physically fit and have the necessary experience.
    be in a team of at least 2.
    take note of weather forecasts and conditions
    inform someone of your plans.
    take warm clothes and wet weather gear.
    use sun block  and sun glasses.

Make sure your insurance covers you for your intended activity  including travel above 3,000m, mountain rescue services and helicopter costs.




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